Cape Care

Each cape will be sent with a little care card to help you to keep your Disco Party Cape in tip top condition. But sometimes we don't always have these things to hand. So, here you will find a constantly up to date and detailed list of ways to look after your tinsel.

Please remember that these items are made from recycled materials normally used for party decoration not clothing and as such will not behave as regular fashion based fabrics. They are made to be fun and add shimmer and shine to your outfit. If you look after them well they will keep the party going for a long time to come.

Care Instructions

  • Please be aware that due to the fact that these items are made from repurposed and recycled party decorations they are not machine washable. 
  • Wipe them clean if necessary and do not use cleansers or heat or submerge in water, these things can all cause colour transfer. In fact its best to avoid getting darker coloured tinsels wet at all (i.e. rain and sweat)
  • Keep away from naked flames, heat and fire for safety purposes
  • Dont spray perfume or body spray onto the cape and be aware of lotions and potions (like fragranced body lotions and certain suncreams) as certain ingredients in these may cause colour transfer with darker colour tinsels. If in doubt wear darker tinsels with darker coloured clothes.
  • Capes now come with tabs on the inside of the collar to allow you to wear the capes open by securing them with pins or clips from the tabs to your clothing. We find that kirby grips, safety pins and hair slides work really well for this!
  • Enjoy, feel the music, shimmy and sparkle and follow the call of the disco ball!