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Can you remember your favourite night out? The song that set the scene, the confidence it gave. It may have been a week ago, it might have been over a decade. There is no reason you can't take that memory and inject a bit of disco magic to your everyday. Be it a big date, or dropping the kids at school, the supermarket big shop or that night out that might turn out to be the disco to remember!

I had this concept in mind when I created All The Discos. 

My name is Steph and I have a deep love of anything 80's. Especially the music and the videos. Lets remember this was the decade that bought us MTV. It bought all the sparkle, glitz and fun into our homes, and through my designs I want to emulate that by bringing the disco into our everyday lives too. 

Another huge inspiration of mine is the legend that is Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher, (huge 'Murder She Wrote' geek over here!) Not only is she a fierce independent woman, but she's got some style, from Cabot Cove harbour chic to State Dinner power dressing elegance. All with that undeniable 80's flair. 

I make everything dancing around my studio to my most recent 80's playlist and can if requested even let you know what songs were playing when your earrings were made! 

All items are handmade by me from start to finish. This allows me to create something truly unique that you can guarantee has been made with love and care.

I carefully choose the best possible materials, with a emphasis on ensuring they will last as long as possible and I can get as many uses out of a piece of fabric as is possible.

This is for several reasons. One thing we hate around here is waste! So much fabric can end up in landfill due to certain shapes taking up more space when cutting than others. I have designed my items to reduce that waste as much I can and where this is not possible find another use for the leftover.

I also hunt for remnants and discontinued fabrics or second hand, this also saves on waste and allows me to design one of a kind or limited items keeping the collection fresh and new.

Across this shop you will find items to add sparkle to your every day. So you can carry the disco with you wherever you go.