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Custom order cape 

Multi green tinsel shades plus mermaid iridescent tinsel

Short/fluffy style

Backed onto green glitter canvas with bottle green ribbon.


Made from recycled foil tinsel party curtains

Glitter canvas fabric


Made to last, the foil tinsel is double reinforced to the fabric by hand.

One size (Adult) 

Neckline approx 49cm


Handmade by me!

Each item is made to order on a 10 day turnaround in small batch.


Please be aware that due to the fact that these items are made from repurposed and recycled decorations they are not machine washable. Wipe them clean gently if necessary, don't submerge in water and avoid using harsh cleansers or heat as this can cause colour transfer.

Please also keep away from naked flames and fire for safety purposes.

Beware of spraying perfume/deodorants and body sprays on them as certain ingredients in these can cause colour transfer.

Care labels are included with each item (due to each one being slightly different) Please take note of these to ensure you and your cape sparkle as best they can! 

Due to the fact that tinsels are all from previous used decorations they all come from difference sources, and so if in doubt on colour transfer risk mentioned above then avoid wearing with lighter fabrics. They are made to be fun and caring for your cape in the right way will help you have many years of enjoyment from them.