Design Process

All items are handmade by me from start to finish. This allows me to create something truly unique that you can guarantee has been made with love and care.

I carefully choose the best possible materials, with a emphasis on ensuring they will last as long as possible and I can get as many uses out of a piece of fabric as is possible.

This is for several reasons. One thing we hate around here is waste! So much fabric can end up in landfill due to certain shapes taking up more space when cutting than others. I have designed my items to reduce that waste as much I can and where this is not possible find another use for the leftover. This has resulted in the creation of hair scrunchies and pocket t-shirts which are perfect for this.

Using the fabrics across products also means you can create a matching collection of earrings, bags and hair accessories. With many items complimenting each other.

I also hunt for remnants and discontinued fabrics or second hand, this also saves on waste and allows me to design one of a kind or limited items keeping the collection fresh and new.

It does mean that with items such as the clutch bags, although the outside design will always stay the same the inside linings will regularly change. They will always be bright, contrasting and fun, but will vary from bag to bag. However, because I make most things to order if there is a lining you have your heart set on just drop me a message and I can see if its something I have in stock.