So, I have relaunched the website and decided to start writing a blog. This, on top of all the designing and making I have to do! it's a good job I really love and am passionate about what I do.

It's all part of running your own business, and is the perfect way of sharing news with you all, giving a bit of background on why I started all the discos and we can fully delve into all things 80's and disco!

I hope to give you a bit more insight into markets and stockist I work with, behind the scenes on photoshoots and campaigns and anything else that might bring the disco to life! 

So, short and sweet to begin with, but treat this as an introduction for whats to come. I'd love to hear from you if there is anything you'd like me to blog about, but keep it light and fun please.

I'm thinking of having some guest spots on here too so keep an eye out! 

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