Coronavirus Update

Hi everyone,

I really hope you are all managing to stay as safe and secure as possible.

I'm not here to give you any hard facts on the current situation, I am not best placed to do that and there are much more qualified people you can get all that information from. 

I just wanted to reassure you that during this strange and worrying time I have put the following precautions in place for you and your orders.

1. I am keeping my studio clean and disinfecting door handles etc regularly. I am also the only person who uses the room (kids aren't allowed in because of tools etc, and my husband has little to no interest in it either!)

2.My personal hygiene (how often do we have to discuss that in a business blog!?) is exemplary, you can be assured my hands are regularly washed and will be done so extra before handling your orders.

3. I am doing all of my postage orders online, therefore from studio to post box it is only me coming into contact with your orders.

4. I will take all post to my nearest post box in the evenings to ensure social distancing is kept a factor.

5. All my packaging is self seal so no envelope licking going on over here!

6. As I write this I am feeling well and healthy and am really hoping this continues and as long as that is the case I will be making and posting orders for as long as I am able to following government advice.

I hope this reassures everyone, and I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support. I know we are all feeling it, take care of yourselves. If you have any questions then please ask.

Sending love

Steph x


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