Coronavirus - New Update

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all staying safe and well.

This is such a fast moving situation and it is important that I try as best as I can to keep you as up to date on everything as possible.

Therefore, here is an up to date list of everything I am doing to ensure safety and social distancing with your orders.

1. My studio is remaining clean and regularly wiped down. I do now however have a new addition in the room. As I am sure many of you are also experiencing, my husband is now working from home and has set up camp in a corner of the room. We both completely respect one another's space and business and so are keeping clear defined zones and not touching anything on the others desk. We are also alternating when we use the space. So you can be assured that I am the only person in contact with your items.

2. My personal hygiene remains on top form and I am following all government advice.

3. All postage is being done online, and I am now only doing ONE trip to the post box a week during a period of allowed exercise, and at a time when I can be as sure as possible that I wont come into contact with anyone. *I am no longer using the post office to ensure social distancing and limit who your package comes in contact with at every stage.

4. All packaging is still self seal. However, I am getting low on supplies of my usual packaging items. I still have plenty of options, just please bear with me. My priority is getting your items to you securely and with safety as a priority so if they are not quite as pretty as usual I apologise but hope you can understand why. There is still a zero tolerance policy on envelope licking! I have never liked doing that anyhow.

5. I am keeping stock levels up to date on the website, but am limiting what I order in for the time being and waiting until I require several items so I can place one order rather than place several smaller orders for materials. Please be assured I have plenty of fabric and made stock so disruption should be kept to a minimum. This is simply as a precaution.

6. As I write this I am still well and healthy and will continue to run my business as best I can.

7. Royal Mail has published advice on their website for receiving mail and I advise you to take a read of this too.

8. Any questions please ask.

Again, I hope this reassures you. I in no way expect you to be thinking about disco accessories as a purchase, I just wanted to let you know these are the facts should you want to buy something or simply are interested. 

All support is so gratefully received at times like this. Not just through purchases. We are all in this, and like I said previously I don't expect my products to be high on your list of priorities. You can still show your support by following us on social media, liking and sharing posts, subscribing to blogs and newsletters. These are all really important too and very much appreciated!

Thank you so much!

Steph x



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